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Massage Therapy and Breast Cancer

Massage therapy has become a growing part of breast cancer treatment. From diagnosis through conventional treatment and into survivorship, massage has proven overwhelmingly effective in so many ways. On this page, we will present scientific research supporting our advocacy of a larger role for massage therapy in breast cancer treatment plans. You will also find a personal testimony and useful links to other information on this topic.


Breast Cancer and Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy Lowers Stress Hormone, Anger in Breast Cancer Patients

Early Treatment Massage Therapy Helps Prevent Onset of Lymphedema


Breast Cancer Survivor


Massage Therapy and Other Cancers 

Scientific research has confirmed multiple benefits of massage therapy for patients with many types of cancer. Please click on our "Resource Links" page to view links to mesothelioma and lung cancers. We are passionate about the advantages of massage therapy from diagnosis to post-treatment for all cancer patients. Please call Kiel Unger Massage Therapy at the number below to discuss patient-specific questions. 


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