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What is massage? Massage therapy is defined as a manual set of techniques designed to promote healing within a given scope of practice.  Kiel Unger is a certified practitioner in the following types of massage therapy; he uses each method alone or together to best address each individual client’s need:

Swedish Massage - Long, gentle strokes with light to moderate pressure designed to relax muscles.

Deep Tissue Massage- Similar strokes as Swedish Massage working deeper layers of muscle tissue with moderate to deeper pressure.

Trigger Point Massage- Relieves lactic acid concentrations as identified by the therapist, who applies moderate to deep pressure for a specific period of time.

Pfrimmer Deep Muscle Therapy- Cross fiber work designed for more serious medical conditions, pressure used varies.

This list is not intended to be a complete one, as there are many other types of massage therapy, too numerous to mention. For further information, contact a professional provider of massage therapy. Or call Kiel Unger for answers to your questions (610.212.8865).



Kiel Unger is a 2001 graduate of the Pennsylvania School of Muscle Therapy, now the Cortiva Institute, which is a fully accredited school. Since 2001, Mr. Unger has continued his education with numerous courses chosen to enhance his knowledge of anatomy, physiology, pathology and the latest massage techniques. He has also been named “Best Massage Therapy Provider” in his previous locality of Pennsylvania for several years.  Currently, Kiel Unger holds a National Certification, the highest level of certification available in the field of massage therapy. As a licensed massage therapist in the state of Florida, Mr. Unger continues to search for and bring to his patients the best, most educated treatment available.

Kiel Unger is an accredited provider with American Specialty Health Network. He is an accredited provider with Florida Blue and many other local insurance carriers.

Workmen's compensation cases are also accepted, as well as auto accident victim's cases. Kiel accepts patients who have open U.S. Department of labor worker's compensation cases. These cases are adminis†ered by the Federal Employees Compensation Act (FECA) Office Workers' Compensation Program (OWCP). All therapies performed under this program are provided at no out-of-pocket cost to the patient. Prospective auto accident clients must present referral from a medical doctor or chiropractor along with all relevant auto insurance information.

Rates for insurance plan members vary by plan and state. Please e-mail or call for details on your specific plan.   


How Massage Can Help You

General Benefits of Massage Therapy:

-       Increased blood flow and circulation

-       Reduced muscle tension

-       Decreased blood pressure

-       Increased range of motion

-       Reduced scar tissue

-       Stimulation of body’s natural healing capacity

-       Strengthened immune system


Specific Conditions Aided by Massage Therapy:

-       Arthritis

-       Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

-       Fibromyalgia

-       Frozen Shoulder

-       Headaches/Migraines

-       Low back pain

-       Post-surgical scarring

-       Sciatica

-       Whiplash

-       Muscle Strain


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